Sod Installation

Sod Installation in Temecula & Murrieta
Get all natural sod from the finest growers in southern California to ensure the quality of your sod installation. We strive to bring you the freshest and greenest sod in whatever variety you choose. If you can’t choose between natural sod and artifical turf, we can help determine what best fits your needs.

We deliver and install high-quality natural sod grass to Temecula as well as San Diego and Riverside Counties. Contact us by sending us a message or by

calling 951-837-8420.

The Benefits of Natural Sod
Sodding is the fastest way to establish a lawn. With proper care, your newly sodded lawn will be ready for use in 3 weeks. The average size yard can be installed in a few hours at a modest cost.

Erosion & Filtration
Because sod is fully mature the day it is installed, it immediately controls erosion. Sod can be installed on steep hills and is used on slopes for stabilization.