Does landscaping enhance your property value? Here is how!

More often than not, people are unaware of the fact that adding a landscape to your property can help you increase its value by thousands of dollars. In fact, the addition of a landscape to your home does not just serve as improvements to your real estate immediately but bear the fruit as time passes by. While interior designing and infrastructure of your house can be in and out with time or the mechanical installations can also wear out, but the plants in your garden are going to grow fuller and more sturdy with time.

Also, you should know that the first impression on your buyer is all that matters. When the probable customer has a look at your real estate and the curb looks well-maintained and beautiful, this would leave a thought on the buyer’s mind about how intricately the entire property has been cared for. In this article, we will discuss with you how the landscape contractor Murrieta CA can work on your property to enhance its value and why landscaping is considered to be an essential part of the real estate.

How much can the landscaping improve your home’s value?

A home with a well-maintained landscape will definitely have a significantly higher price value as compared to the house without one. But, the percentage of the increase in value is what makes the head turn. The rise in price value is somewhere between 5.5% and 12.7% of the original cost of the property; if we translate it into approximate numbers that account from $16,500 to $38,100 extra value on a home worth $300,000.

There is more to landscaping than just adding a couple of shrubs with flowers, and laying down the lawn grass. And that is why if you are thinking of a garden for your property to improve its value, you should consult with the landscape contractor Murrieta CA to get a firsthand opinion from the experts. What buyers generally look for is a well-manicured and cohesively designed garden that adds up to the appearance of the property, which is closely followed by the size of the plant and its maturity too. A factor that has lesser importance but should be considered anyway is the diversity of plant variety growing in your landscape garden.

How to plan for the designing of the Landscape?

The primary mistake made by most of the homeowners is –even if they have a garden in their property, the design and pattern of the yard are not in a cohesive manner. They sometimes plan to put on a tree, then later add some flowering shrubs, add a tree bearing fruits, and few herb plantations here and there, and boom now it is all messed up. Typically, a landscape that is disorganized is going to turn your potential buyers away. Therefore, you need to have a plan beforehand when you think of landscaping.

The wisest go and hire a landscape contractor in their area and get a well-planned landscape designed within no time. However, if you are not willing to hire a contractor, you can at least have a talk with them or browse the internet to have a plan as to what you want to do with your garden. As an amateur, you, too, can pull up a professional-looking garden within a budget of $500-$3000 if you are willing to do the work it takes.

A Mature Garden adds more value to your property!

A landscape in a real estate is lined with mature, large plants is one that has been carefully taken care of over the years, which sends a positive signal to the buyer. Therefore, what we are trying to say here is –even if you are not willing to sell your property any time soon, you can contact the landscape contractor Murrieta CA to get your Landscape done now. So that in the future, whenever you decide to sell off your home or any of your properties, its value would have increased manifold times.

Landscaping Tips that would give you a head start with the project:

Having long term landscaping for a home where you are going to stay for an extended period of time is an excellent option. However, if you decide to sell it within one year, there are several immediate landscaping steps that you can take to boost up the selling price of your property. For instance, cutting the fresh edges near the planting beds of the garden, having a distinctive edge between the dirt or mulch, and the lawn grass will give a professional appearance to the Landscape.

Also, make sure to add the fertilizers on a regular basis. That is because you would want your buyers to look at a lush carpet of greens and not just a patchwork quilt in the name of a lawn. Adding colors to the green-scape is needed too. You choose plants that can bear beautiful seasonal flowers. They will add up to the aesthetics of your garden. Also, get yourself prepared to spend a few dollars in the shrubs and the larger perennials, so that your Landscape doesn’t give out the impression that you have just started to work on it (even if you literally have just started)!

Environmental benefits of having a Landscape property!

It is no news that plants help in purifying the quality of air and, thus, make the atmosphere healthier for us. But, did you know that plants can remove more than 26 pounds of Carbon Dioxide dissolved in the air in a year? When the trees are appropriately selected by the experienced landscape contractor Murrieta CA and planted and taken good care of –they can significantly absorb the sound waves by reducing the level of noise pollution too by practically “eating up” the unwanted sound waves. Also, the level of soil erosion and the flow of sediments and pollutants to the nearby water bodies can be significantly reduced by the plantation of trees in your garden.

Social and Health Benefits of Landscape property:

According to a few pieces of research conducted lately, when workers get to have a view of the natural surroundings once in a while, they tend to suffer from lesser job stresses and find more satisfaction in their jobs. It is known for a fact that colorful flowers and mature trees can have an extraordinary impact on your mental health. These workers have further reported fewer ailments and headache issues as compared to the ones who get to have no view of the outer world and have to sit in the office cubicles for long hours.

This should be reason enough for you to consider the building up of a landscape in your property if not for the sake of increasing its value but for taking care of your mental health. It was found out that green views can reduce the levels of anger and fear in a person and inculcate positive emotions and stimulate the mind in a healthier way. Also, in the inner-city neighborhoods and the common areas lined up with green grasses and tall trees were used up by people to have informal conversations and engage in social interaction as well.

Therefore, to engage stronger relationships within your home and to maintain a lively environment, you should get ahead with the plan of having a landscape in your property. You can talk with the landscape contractor Murrieta CA to know more about landscaping and get some ideas to get yourself started with the landscaping project towards not only enhancing the money value of your property but also improving your mental health and social well-being.

Bottom Line:

In this article, we have talked about how a healthy-looking lawn, lush green grasses, bright flowers, and tall, mature trees can enhance our lifestyle and provide us with a healthier environment to live in. Even the greens contribute towards improving our mental health. Besides, having a well-maintained landscape in your property is known to increase its selling value. When you put your house up in the market, the landscaping done by landscape contractor Murrieta CA can attract all the attention, and that is a guarantee. It is going to get the buyers hooked to your property, and thus you can turn this situation into your vantage point!

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